Video Game Blog Post 3

I decided I would try and make it a little further into the learning path and look at what the next few steps are. The first game played today was part fun memory game and part understanding rhyming. They had to flip a card that had a word and picture on it and try and flip over another card that rhymed. I thought this was a good method for working on rhyming because, while you still needed an understanding of rhyming to complete it, it feels much more like a game than a lesson. I think this helps draw children in because they are learning, but having fun while doing so. 

For the next game we created words but had to make sure the letter was facing the right way to complete the word. The child had to tap the square with the letter facing the correct way and the game would say “good job” if you selected the correct one. I wanted to see what would happen if the child selected the wrong answer, I selected a letter facing the wrong direction and the game said “not quite! Try again!” I liked that it did not flat out shame the child for getting the wrong answer, instead encouraging them to try again. I think young children will really like how much this learning app feels like a game and will appreciate that every game is different to keep the child’s attention. I will post updates as I continue through the learning path to see how the game changes and adds new lessons

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