Video Game Blog Post 4

I decided to jump back into the Homer Learning app and see what other games the learning path had in store for me today! The first game involved teaching “and” as a sight word. It first showed the child the word and then had a dotted line version where the child was instructed to drag and drop the correct letters in their corresponding spots. This was a nice way to introduce the sight word and let kids see how it was spelled while also keeping in child involvement. They feel as though they have a job to complete the sight word! 

The next game was a repeat of one from a previous blog post. It involved first selecting the image of something that started with an A sound and the next part of the game involved selecting the word that had an A sound in the middle. I don’t think children would mind the fact that this was a repeat game as the animation was cute and repeated practice helps with mastery. Something that confused me was the fact that there were two games for the beginning A sound and only one for the middle A sound. I wonder what the creators thought process for this was. 

The last step in the first level of the learning path was a sort of reward where kids just to go put stickers on an image, the stickers had something to do with one of the interests the parent selected in the setup of the game. After the child decides they are done setting up their picture there is an explosion of stars and a monkey comes up and says “congratulations you have completed level 1! Let’s move onto level 2!”

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