Digital Story Telling Blog Post 1

In the essay “Digital storytelling: Capturing children’s participation in preschool activities” by  Lisa Kervin and Jessica Mantei they introduce the essay by starting with a conversation about the importance of belonging when it comes to early childhood learning. They also discuss the idea that children are “competent interpreters of their everyday world” which is something I feel a lot of people do not think about. It is always assumed that things can be talked about in front of them and they won’t understand because they are too young. Keeping this information in mind gives us more insight into how children might view the world and their place in it. 

It then moved on to bring the idea of digital storytelling into the essay. The authors emphasize how digital storytelling can be used as a great means of self expression saying “They allow their creators not only to express themselves but also their understanding of the world”. Children can use digital storytelling to show their interpretation of the world and their place in it. This can especially be used to help early childhood students to find their place in the world and their sense of where they belong. 

The essay then goes on to explain the research, explaining that “the children were invited to create a digital story to represent the ways they engage in their prior to school setting”. The results of this experiment showed that the “children in our research demonstrated clear understandings about the boundaries, expectations and ways of being in their community”. I liked that this article used digital storytelling not only to prove the importance of young children having a sense of belonging, but also a method of self expression for the children to use express how they feel in the world.

I worked with Kate to make a comic that provided information about both essays we read.

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