Blog Post Observation 2

I sadly did not receive an email back from my cooperating teacher about specifically who runs what when it comes to technology use in the school. Through the Nobel elementary website I was able to find a bit of information. On their website I went to the library page and found their library media specialist is named Yvonne Wallace, her specific title is “Library Media Ancillary”. Farther down the page we are given a list of what online resources the library specifically has. This list includes online encyclopedias, databases and learning resources.

They have a “staff directory” on the website as well, but you must know the person’s name in order to get their title, you can not just search a title, for example “director of educational technology”. They seem to have a few resources just for staff and parents that bring you to a separate website that requires a login. I then went onto the district website, rather than the one for my specific school, to see if I could gain any more information there. Here I found information about the district’s educational technology use. The information technology page starts with a message saying “The Information Technology Department supports this vision and helps prepare students for their future, a world of digital technology, global information, and instant communication. Increasing access to technology is essential for that future, and laptops, within a wireless learning environment, help students to learn at their full potential and to prepare for college and the workplace”. It also has the name of the district coordinator of technology, Christina Bauer, Ph.D., and the IT support line phone number. There was a subtitle called “information technology staff” in which I was able to find the technology and tech support staff for the entire district. This was not available on the elementary school’s website specifically. 

In the classroom specifically the students had access to Ipads. I never got an email answering my questions about firewalls, but through all my observations the children were only on the educational app that they were supposed to be on for the center.  

Overall the district has access to tech support and information about the schools use of technology, but only if you look on the entire district page. This might be an issue as firewalls and things like that for first grade are going to be quite different than those of tenth graders.

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