Digital Storytelling story board

“Extreme Weather!” (thunder clap)

*spinning text saying “extreme weather” comes in*

These are our unique experiences with extreme weather! 

Fade out 

Fade in 

*insert picture of child Kate*

“When I was eight years old I had my very first extreme weather experience”

Fade out 

Fade in

A car (white noise driving sound) 

“I was driving into Indianapolis, Indiana with my parents for a family trip.

The conditions were perfect for tornadoes but we weren’t expecting to see any. 

When the radio came on (radio sound)  and the weatherman told us there were two in the area, I looked out my window and saw two twin tornadoes just a few miles away! My family kept driving and we were safe, but it was a bit scary!” 

Fade out 

Fade in

*Picture of eight year old Maddie*

“I had my first extreme weather experience when I was eight too!”

Fade out

Fade in 

“I was spending a week with my mom in florida, she was working on a photoshoot for the company she was working for at the time”

“We were just about to leave to go home when suddenly…”


*wind sounds*

“There were two huge hurricanes back to back! We had to stay in the airport for hours not knowing when it would be safe to fly! I was a little scared but I made it home okay once the storm was over!” 

Fade to black screen 

“So, what should you do to stay safe in extreme weather conditions like us?” *news alert sound* 

“Pack things like water, blankets, flashlights, and bandaids when traveling in case you run into extreme weather. (Zipper noises) Know where storm shelters are in the area. Communicate with your family when you are not with them in severe weather.(texting sounds) And if you are able to, remember to follow the tornado safety rules in this graphic. Driving in tornadoes can be dangerous, so take shelter if you are able.” 

“Now for some…”

“…hurricane safety tips!”

“For this also be sure to have supplies and stay in contact with loved ones if possible! Try and be somewhere safe from flooding and have an evacuation plan just in case!”

“We stayed safe in these storms and so can you! Tell us your story and give us safety tips so that your classmates can know what to do when extreme weather strikes!” (thunder clap)

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