Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Maddie and I use she/her pronouns. I am originally from Pittsburgh but I attend school in Cleveland. I am an early childhood education major and would love to teach kindergarten one day. I have always loved working with kids. Being a teacher is something I have wanted to do since I was very little. I would set up my stuffed animals and read to them almost every night.

In school I am part of Kappa Delta sorority. Being part of this organization gives me even more experience with young children as we do several activities a semester with Brownies and Girl Scouts.

I am the kind of learner where I like to talk out my ideas with small groups of people in order to sort of bounce ideas off each other. I enjoy environments where new ideas are welcomed and constructive criticism is provided with a lack of harsh judgement.

I find it very important that all students feel safe, comfortable and welcome in a classroom environment. This not only provides an emotional safe space for kids, but it also is proven to increase students academic success.

Lastly I would like to ask Dr. Shutkin what he feels the most important aspect of a classroom is.

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